Let’s discuss something that is causing quite a stir in the world of networking: What are the best digital business cards in the market right now? Yes, those paper cards that we all once hoarded are fast turning into antiques. What’s the future? Well, it is currently taking place digitally.

Here’s a jaw-dropper: the market for digital business cards is expected to hit a whopping $6 billion by 2030! The way we network and exchange contact details are being revolutionized by these stylish digital tools. But wait, what’s the big deal about these digital cards, and why are they turning into a need in the competitive corporate world of today?

We are going to go into full detail about the best digital business cards present in the market right now, including what they are, their fantastic benefits, and what makes the best of the best stand out.

Doesn’t matter if you are a professional, a hustling real estate broker, a sharp lawyer, an ambitious salesperson, a creative marketer, or an innovative entrepreneur, this guide will give you the lowdown on the best digital business cards out there!

Before diving into the best digital business cards, let’s briefly know what these cards are.

What are Digital Business Cards?

Digital business cards are electronic versions of traditional business cards that can be shared and kept digitally. They are often referred to as smart or electronic business cards. Quite easy, right?

These virtual cards are an effective and environmentally responsible replacement for paper-based cards that can be accessed through an Android app, Apple app, or Safari web application.

Their versatility in sharing options, which let users share contact details by email, SMS, QR codes, NFC cards, links in bios, or social networking platforms, are among their distinguishing qualities. Professionals who are constantly on the go will find it convenient and easy to save and manage these cards on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The List of 7 Best Digital Business Cards on the Market

There are various digital business cards available on the market right now, all vying to be the “#1 Digital Business Card” and offering a variety of features and functionalities to suit various users’ tastes. So we got our hands dirty to figure this out for you. Let’s get it –

#1 Wave

With the freest features, and a modest PRO price tag, we have to say Wave is the people’s champion. Comparing Wave to other digital business cards, we discovered that its onboarding process was the most straightforward. It takes two minutes or less to establish a free profile on Wave, and it’s incredibly simple to use and set up. Using your QR code, sending your card via SMS or Email, or adding it to your Apple or Google wallet, you can begin sharing your data right now. We must admit that their profiles have a very professional appearance and feel that makes them appropriate for most business environments.

In addition to its free plan, Wave provides PRO and Teams options with more advanced features. You can share an infinite number of websites, your company’s logo, contact details, gallery, and social media with others with the free plan. For the majority of individual professionals, this is more than enough. Moreover, you may include a background image—a feature not found on other digital business cards.

Access to more sophisticated tools like analytics tracking, CRM integration, and the option to add a video intro to your profile are all included in the $4.99 PRO plan. This is one of the most affordable plans we’ve found so far. Changing the way you share your information is one of the PRO plan’s standout features. After upgrading to this plan, the following modes can be set:

  • Default Mode: When someone clicks on “Exchange Contact,” a form pops up. Your information is added to their contact book once they submit the form.
  • Lead Mode: The lead form opens up automatically when someone comes on your page. Your information is delivered to them by email or text when they finish the form.
  • Share Mode: Thanks to this, you may now instantly share your information with someone else’s phone . It is the most effective and rapid method of information sharing.

Additionally, Wave also provides free contact management features along with the ability to send follow-up emails and text messages to new contacts. The platform allows you to keep an infinite number of contacts. They also have the ability to scan business cards, which is helpful for conferences and trade exhibitions. Everything at no cost!

Lastly, Wave is SOC 2 Type 2 certified. This ensures the safety and security of your data on the platform

#2 HiHello

They made the design user-friendly and offered the option to personalize your content. Though the look and feel appear a little childish or unprofessional in a corporate situation, we personally liked it. Unfortunately, unless you pay for their membership, there is no option to change that design aspect.

It allows you to customize and share your card easily. You can add multiple contact details, social media links, and other content pieces that provided a better overview of your professional identity. You can use a QR code, a URL link, and an email signature to share your information.

However, the lack of a professional business landing page and analytics might be limiting for some business professionals. The ease of use, multiple sharing options, and the top-rated app status make HiHello a strong player in the digital business card space.

Overall, HiHello is an excellent choice for those starting a business and looking for a minimalistic solution. While HiHello offers the basic features for free, upgrading to a Professional plan unlocks more advanced capabilities — though it comes at a pricey $8/month.

#3. Blinq

The minimalistic option with just enough features (and I mean it) for the modern professional.

In my opinion, Blinq takes a minimalist approach to a whole new level. The features are extremely bare-bone, meaning there’s not much to do on the app. You can add your contact info, social media, websites…and that’s pretty much it.

The app and website are straightforward, allowing users to create very simple-looking landing pages. They give you the option to share your digital business card via QR code, text, and email.

The reason I gave Blinq 3rd place was because of their focus on convenience and accessibility. The availability of an iPhone widget for smartphones and Apple Watches ensures your business card is always ready to be shared.

Despite its simplicity, Blinq does not compromise the security and privacy of its client’s data. They are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, which makes them a reliable choice for secure information sharing.

It’s good to note that because Blinq focuses on the basics, it lacks some advanced features like video content, CRM integration, automated follow-ups, exchange forms, and analytics.

Blinq’s simplicity could be its strength, particularly for those who do not network often.

Overall, Blinq is a solid choice for freelancers or individual professionals looking for an effective and straightforward solution. Though, I would not recommend them for businesses and enterprise-level clientele.

#4. Popl

An incredible choice for anyone seeking the greatest digital business card available, but there is one MAJOR drawback: in order to save more than five contacts, you must subscribe, which is costly.
Popl appears to be a market leader and is well-known for its customizable landing pages and NFC-enabled products. With just a swipe of your card or a scan of the QR code, you may quickly exchange information.

Landing page offered by Popl are most impressive as it stands out from the rest. A wide range of features are available to customize it to your exact specifications, including the ability to embed videos, add payment options, images, and customizable links. The dual profile feature of the pro version is very helpful for people who attend several kinds of events or balance multiple roles.

There is one obvious drawback, though: storing more than five contacts requires paying for their subscription base service, which costs between $7.99 and $14.99 a month. At any situation, you don’t want to find yourself having to pay a subscription fee in order to unlock 20 significant leads that you met.

Popl is excellent in providing a variety of NFC products, a wonderful user experience, and a lot of customization options. As long as the contacts were not limited, its products and fully customizable profile page would position it as a top digital business card.

For those who can afford to pay $179.88 a year for more functionality and a more luxurious experience, Popl would be a fantastic addition to your networking tools.

#5. Mobilo

With a lot of analytics and tracking, Mobilo is a great option for sales. However, there is very little customization available for the individual business professional, and features can be considered “over the top.”

Their customized dashboard analytics and integrations let them stand out from the competition. You can see the locations of meetings, notes made, and leads gathered on the individual dashboard. They also facilitate lead generation and information exchange.

You may choose between using the Mobilo digital business card for lead generation, business cards, landing pages, and URL linking thanks to its several modes. This adaptability to various networking circumstances is a fairly cool feature. The lead-generation process is further eased by the capability to monitor tangible results from networking efforts and immediately add leads to follow-up sequences. However, these digital business cards seem like they miss customization and a touch of branding. It feels like the landing page lacks personalization and is plain.

We weren’t too happy with the fact that you need to purchase a card to try their platform. The bar is set so high for digital business cards that you should give the customer the option to try your product for free before making a purchase. The lack of a free trial option might be a barrier for some potential users. I do understand that the one-time purchase model for personal use is an attractive feature, eliminating ongoing subscription costs.

Mobilo also has a team dashboard that integrates with third-party tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zapier for larger enterprises. Their physical NFC cards, particularly the metal ones, are good quality based on the reviews they have on their website.

Overall, Mobilo’s solution is great for lead generation and networking. Its no-subscription model for personal use and customizable NFC products make it a unique and cost-effective choice in the market. While it may not offer the same level of customization and branding as other competitors, it is still a great option for many.

#6. Uniqode

Uniqode has a more sophisticated dashboard that can only be accessed via a desktop. They only have a paid option at $6/month… There are many digital business cards out there for individuals, and this is not the one for you if you want a free option.

Here are my thoughts: Uniqode stands out for its unique combination of digital functionalities via QR Codes. It seems like it is suited for business and enterprise clients and not individual professionals. They gear most of their features towards bulk card creation, CRM integrations, and HR integrations. For individual users, you can create digital landing pages and attach them to your Apple and Android Wallets, though there is no accompanying app.

Hot take: Bulk card creation, CRM integrations, and HR integrations, which are boasted by Uniqode, are provided by most of the other digital business card providers when upgrading to a business or enterprise plan. I do not see the additional benefit or value that Uniqode adds to the space. I find they may have missed the mark here and only focused on selling digital business cards to companies… but ultimately, an individual will use the digital tool at an event.

However, they do take security seriously, which is a significant benefit. Also, Uniqode’s dynamic QR Codes allow for real-time updates and valuable analytics like scan numbers and location data. The lack of branding features like video embeds and background images and the absence of NFC or physical cards don’t make them as competitive as the other providers in the market.

While it may not offer the broadest range of creative design options for the end users, Uniqode is a solid option for businesses that prioritize security, simplicity, and the power of QR Codes in their digital networking tools. Its bulk creation feature, security compliance, and integration with numerous CRMs make it a compelling choice for companies looking to digitize their business cards efficiently.

#7. Beaconstac

Beaconstac stands out as an ideal choice for those seeking digital business cards with seamless QR code functionality, eliminating the need for a dedicated app for sharing. Notably, Beaconstac’s emphasis on security is reflected in its SOC-2 Type 2 & GDPR compliant solutions, coupled with support for multi-factor authentication. Administrators benefit from centralized card management capabilities and the ability to enforce brand templates. Integration with over 5000 CRMs and HR tools enhances workflow efficiency, while the tracking feature enables users to monitor prospects’ interactions with their business cards.

Prospective users can leverage Beaconstac’s bulk creation feature for streamlined card generation and rely on top-notch customer support for assistance in crafting impactful business cards. Dynamic QR codes facilitate easy updates to company information, with options for customization including colors, logos, and backgrounds. Higher-tier plans offer the option of a custom domain, further enhancing branding opportunities.

However, the starting plan may lack certain advanced features such as bulk creation, potentially limiting its appeal to small businesses. Additionally, some may find the pricing structure relatively expensive, although custom pricing options are available for enterprise clients. Subscription plans begin at $6 per user per month, with a 14-day free trial offered for those interested in exploring Beaconstac’s offerings further.

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