NFC, or near-field communication, may seem like a boring, technical standard at first. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to take into account the uses of NFC. Hence why, we’ll teach you how to get the most out of NFC applications.

You can begin exploring as soon as you have mobiles with NFC support, rewritable NFC tags, and a tag-writing app downloaded. These are some quick uses for NFC that you can start with right away –

1. Connect to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Network Immediately

Both Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi passwords can be time-consuming and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be difficult to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth if you have NFC tags and an android or iOS Smartphone with NFC capability. Your Wi-Fi login credentials can be written on a NFC tag. Tapping the NFC tag will automatically fill in your Wi-Fi connection information and get you online quickly on both Android and iOS devices.

In the same way, you can use NFC Tag Writer to store Bluetooth pairing data into a NFC tag, which you can attach to a nearby relevant device. All you have to do is tap the tag to start playing music or establish a Bluetooth connection with your devices.

2. Get in and Out of Your Bed

Your sleep tracker isn’t operating as it should – Do you have trouble falling asleep? NFC tags might be useful if you frequently find yourself swiping through your mobile phone beyond midnight. You may create a NFC tag and put it on your nightstand to use it as a trigger to turn on a meditation app, turn off your phone, or dim the lights. NFC uses are various -anything to help you fall asleep!

In the same way, getting out of bed in the morning may be really difficult. Don’t worry, you can get out of bed by using a NFC tag. Through in-app captchas, apps such as Sleep as Android integrate alarms with Near Field Communication tags. The only way to disable the alarm is to get out of bed, locate the NFC sticker, and tap your phone against it after completing an NFC-based captcha using the app.

 3. Launch a Website

Sometimes you may wish to direct someone to a certain website. This could be difficult, particularly if the internet URL isn’t simple. You can enter the URL to a NFC tag in place of having them type out a long random URL. When tapped, it loads the user’s mobile browser and directs them straight to your desired site.

4. Pay Your Bills

One of the most renowned uses of NFC is making contactless payments. E-NFC makes contactless payments possible with apps like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. Contactless payments are now typical in many parts of the world. Indeed, at a lot of convenience and grocery stores in the US, contactless is the favored mode of payment.

You may use shop coupons, track your spending, and examine your purchasing patterns with both Apple Pay and Google Pay. By using NFC payments, you may also get rid of the requirement to carry additional payment methods with your phone.

5. Enter Driving Mode Automatically

The iPhone owners are aware that their phones will automatically enter Driving Mode as soon as they get in and connect to their in-car entertainment system. This turns off alerts and gets you geared up for your trip in the best possible way. While some Android devices are capable of doing this, most are not.

If you would rather prefer to automate this process, you can write the tasks on a NFC tag. A simple tap of your phone while inside the vehicle may activate Do Not Disturb, turn data on or off, open your navigation app, play music, activate voice assistants, and pair your Smartphone with the car’s Bluetooth. These NFC uses can enhance your driving experience.

6. Automate Common Phone Tasks

Although there are now solutions to automate regular tasks on Android and iOS, they may not always provide the flexibility you desire. You may use NFC to create shortcuts for tasks like opening your preferred streaming service as soon as you leave the house, opening your camera, or making a specific phone call to a friend or relative.

Investing in a set of DIMPLE Smart Buttons could be a more cost-effective way to automate these shortcuts. These physical buttons are attached to the back of your Smartphone, close to the NFC chip. When pushed, they initiate a personalized NFC task that you may set via the DIMPLE app.

7. Share Media

Getting people to view your content is one of the biggest challenges if you create music for Spotify, stream Twitch, make YouTube videos, etc. With NFC, you can get over this obstacle. You can use a NFC tag to strategically place a link to your work in order to attract attention. Just make sure to explain what is on the tag because some people might be concerned about NFC security risks.

8. Create a NFC Business Card

Have you ever attended a conference or networking event? If yes then you must be aware of the significance of carrying a business card. They remind people of who you are and what you do and assist you in keeping in touch with new contacts.

However, what if there was a more effective means of sharing information? With NFC, there is – one of the coolest uses of NFC.

Make a digital business card (using Photoshop) to get started. Make sure it includes all of your pertinent details, including your name, position, organization, website, email address, and social media accounts. Create a shareable link or QR code once the card has been created. If you create a QR code, you have to first turn it into a link. To write this URL to a NFC tag, you will require an NFC writing app. When you’re ready to exchange information, ask the other person to use their phone scanner to scan the NFC tag.

9. Pull Pranks

Do you want to impress your friends and have a good time? Then let us tell one of the best uses of NFC. A NFC tag may be set to leave secret messages, randomly change channels, or play goofy sound effects. Imagine your friends’ shocked responses when they hear loud or scary fnoises out of the blue. And what’s more fun is that you can stick NFC tags anywhere—on the TV remote, fridge door, or chairs!

Our interactions with the environment around us have been changed by NFC technology. These cheap electronic components have enabled contactless payment systems, made some physical tickets redundant, and facilitated affordable home automation.

Though NFC has various uses, like any technology, it is vulnerable to security flaws. Before using this wireless technology, you should educate yourself on how to stay safe from hackers and NFC hazards.

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